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ICOS Committees
ICOS Committees

Dairy Committee

The ICOS Dairy Committee is responsible for the formulation of policy positions affecting the Irish dairy sector and to recommend these policies for acceptance to the Board.


Current Members of the ICOS Dairy Committee are:

JerryLongDrombane Co-operative & Dairy Society Ltd
SeanMonahanArrabawn Co-operative Society Ltd
PatDuffyAurivo Co-operative Society Ltd
JohnO'SullivanBandon Co-operative Agriculture & Dairy Society Ltd
MichaelColemanBarryroe Co-operative Ltd
DominicCroninBoherbue Co-operative Agri & Dairy Society Ltd
JimRussellCentenary Thurles Co-operative Society Ltd
JohnO'GormanDairygold Co-operative Society Ltd
MartinKeaneGlanbia Co-operative Society Ltd
MichaelO’ConnorKerry Co-operative Creameries Ltd
AndrewMcConkeyLacPatrick Co-operatve Society Ltd
AloDuffyLakeland Dairies Co-operative Society Ltd
MartinO'KeeffeNorth Cork Co-operative Creameries Ltd
DermotO'LearyOrnua Co-operative Society Ltd
WilliamMeagherTipperary Co-op Creamery Ltd

The Committee engages with policy makers and stakeholders at National and EU level, and works to advance the prospects of the Irish dairy sector.

The Committee is comprised of 15 representatives from processing and non-processing dairy co-operatives.

Chairman: Jerry Long, Drombane Co-operative Society Ltd

Secretary: Eamonn Farrell, Agri-Food Policy Executive


ICOS Climate Change Working Group

The ICOS Dairy Committee has established a sub committee to review and develop policy recommendations in the area of climate change. The ICOS Climate Change Working Group is Chaired by Martin Keane, President, and includes representatives from the ICOS Board and technical experts from dairy co-operatives.