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Dairy Week, a chance to recognise the value of the  dairy sector as a source of healthy nutrition and as a valuable contribution to the local economy.

ICOS CEO Seamus O’Donohoe said today that the NDC Dairy week, run from April 29th to May 5th was a valuable opportunity to recognise the contribution of the dairy sector to the nation. Currently the Irish dairy industry provides a sustainable living to close to 20,000 farm families, producing quality dairy products to such high standards of quality and sustainability that that are highly sought after in key markets in Europe and Asia. “I wonder if Irish consumers realise the high regard in which our dairy products are held internationally”‘, he added. “Given the small population base in Ireland, we can only consume one litre in every ten we produce, here locally, but such is the quality of our milk, produced from sustainable, pasture grazing systems, that informed consumers the world over are prepared to pay a premium for Irish milk, butter, cheese, infant formula, and dairy powders.

The National Dairy Council provides a valuable service in highlighting the nutritional benefits Irish dairy products and we support them in that effort. Dairy week allows us all to support them in their efforts, and to recognise the contribution of the broader dairy sector to local economies. In these times of food miles and globalisation we should recognise the benefit of being able to buy such quality products as Irish milk, butter and cheese, all produced by local farmers and co-operatives.

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