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ICOS Briefing Note on CAP Proposals

Please note that these are on the basis of the partial political agreement- some items can be open to further change with in MFF negotiations and drafting of legal delegated acts.

This list is by no means exhaustive but covers the key points of relevance to our co-ops from the 4 CAP dossiers running to 2,400 pages.

Direct Payments (Pillar I)

Internal convergence (Art 22):

ICOS policy has always been to ‘reward the active co-op member, who produces most for, and purchases the most off their co-operative.’

Minimum Payment per ha: 60% of national average SFP per ha- Circa €150 depending on how exactly they calculate.

Phased in over 6 years (2015-2020). 2014 will be a transition year for CAP under old system.

Most any individual farmer can lose is 30%.

Will cause problems, with €103 million euro being transferred off some of our most productive co-op producers.

Minister was faced with a Commission proposal that up to recently was looking for a minimum payment of 75% of the average per hectare payment.

A full account of the CAP Proposals can be downloaded here:

ICOS Briefing Note on CAP Proposals