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Biosecurity signs are your first line of defence against infections coming into your farm and your herd. Most Irish farms have no biosecurity signage until a problem occurs, e.g. the Foot-and-Mouth disease outbreak of 2001. Contrast this with the biosecurity signs in AI stations and on pig farms throughout the country. Why should dairy and beef farms be different?

The reason for signage is to warn visitors that they are entering a food producing facility and so they need to take precautions to preserve the safety and health of the food producing animals in that facility – your farm, your herd and your livelihood! In addition, biosecurity signage warns the visitor of the potential disease risks they may be subjected to by entering your farm.

Biosecurity signs should be placed at the main farm entry point, and at entrances to animal housing, particularly quarantine and isolation units, the calving unit and the calf house.  Biosecurity signage is a requirement of the Bord Bia Beef Quality Assurance Scheme and the Bord Bia Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme.

The key messages on good biosecurity signs are a clear warning that the visitor may be trespassing on your property, that they are entering an animal disease risk area, a farm management contact telephone number and instructions regarding protective clothing, disinfection, personal hygiene and farm safety.

BioSecurity... Signage for Your Farm