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ICOS continues to work with at a European level, Department of Agri level and with co-ops on the workings of the new Superlevy stagger legislation.

As outlined in many previous editions of this publication, ICOS lobbied the Commission heavily to give alleviation to farmers caught with cash flow difficulties as a result of a very high superlevy bill for 2015.

Phil Hogan has proposed that Member States may decide that the payment of the amount due related to the 12-month period beginning on 1 April 2014 takes place in three yearly installments without interest.

The Commission implementing regulation 2015/517 has been published on 27th March.

At present ICOS is working very hard to ensure that a system is put in place in Ireland that will ensure that co-operative members who need it can avail of the scheme simply, while ensuring that the co-operatives themselves are not exposed to liabilities due to any member’s non-payment.