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This latest seminar is the sixth in a series of such sessions held since early last year, examining key issues around post quota dairy expansion and it will take place on Wednesday, July 15th in the Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise.

Irish agriculture is traditionally associated with low levels of land mobility.  This is a key structural impediment facing the Irish dairy sector.

The bulk of available land is rented on a short term/conacre basis. The cost of buying land is prohibitive for the vast majority of farm families. Meanwhile, suitable land parcels for dairy production, available for purchase or for long term lease are at a premium.

ICOS welcomed the introduction of new incentives in the 2015 budget to encourage the greater availability of long term leases.  However, more innovative and novel solutions will be required in the future, in order to help farmers to increase their scale in a cost effective manner.

The forthcoming seminar will examine a range of collaborative farming methods including:

  • Farm partnerships
  • Share farming and share milking
  • Contract rearing of replacement heifers and contract growing of fodder

Technical expertise and informed speakers will be present to outline the pros and cons of each option through specialised workshops.

Representatives of dairy co-operatives, farmers and farm advisors are encouraged to attend.

To register your attendance, please email info@icos.ie or telephone 01 6764783