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ICOS is currently in the process of recruiting a European Affairs Executive, which will be based in Brussels, Belgium.

Job Description

The role of the ICOS European Affairs Executive consists of:

  • Overall responsibility for ICOS Brussels office
  • Link between ICOS Dublin and the European Institutions and COPA-COGECA and other stakeholder organisations
  • Policy issues include CAP, Trade/WTO, Environment, Climate Change, Animal Health & Welfare, Competition, Budget (EU Financial Perspectives), Rural Development
  • Follow and analyse European food regulatory policy and related issues for Dublin staff and member co-operatives
  • Communicate European policy to colleagues and members through reports, drafting policy positions, presentations and newsletters
  • Travel will be required as well as attending evening functions on behalf of ICOS
  • Draft reports on Commission activity, writing press releases when necessary and follow up with press to ensure coverage
  • Prepare policy positions through ICOS committees and communicate these positions to European institutions and other stakeholders in order to influence European policy
  • Develop good working relationships with key Commission staff, Commissioner Cabinets, National Permanent Representations, and liaise on a regular basis with Irish MEPs and assistants
  • Identify EU grant funding opportunities available to ICOS and member co-ops
  • Explore opportunities for offering consultancy services to agencies and firms not in competition with ICOS
  • Represent ICOS on COPA-COGECA working party meetings and European Commission advisory group meetings
  • Be able to build stakeholder relationships at all levels from administrative to senior official level
  • Good analytical skills are needed with the ability to identify relevant sources of information and distill key issues from them
  • Need ability to communicate complex information to non-specialists both orally and in writing
  • Need good interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of people
  • Deal with administration issues relating to the ICOS Brussels office

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to: info@icos.ie