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On Wednesday, 5 April, MEPs voted in favour of a cross-party resolution outlining their red lines within the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

Key points within the resolution include a call for the UK to honour its legal, financial and budgetary obligations up to and after its withdrawal and the insistence that the UK should be excluded from EU discussions on trade and “other policy areas” if it begins talks with non-EU countries before leaving.

It also recognises the unique position of and the special circumstances confronting the island of Ireland and urges that all measures consistent with European Union law and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement be used to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Although Parliament will not participate directly in the negotiations, once the remaining 27 EU member countries have endorsed a deal, MEPs will have the power to veto it by a simple majority (consent procedure). During the talks, they can also influence or slow things down by issuing political resolutions on areas such as budgetary issues and citizens’ rights in order to express their view.


By Alison Graham

European Affairs Executive

Tags: Brexit, European Parliament, Red Lines