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EU Commissioner Phil Hogan highlighted the importance of sustainable usage of water in agriculture during a keynote speech in Brussels on 29th September.

The Farm Commissioner highlighted the range of EU policy initiatives on water management including cross compliance measures, greening requirements, national rural development programmes and research & development.

The Commissioner announced a platform for on farm nutrient management. The Commissioner stated “We need to work with farmers and incentivise their ability to achieve environmental and climate targets. This means giving them better tools both from a policy and practical point of view.”

He added “This tool will be directly accessible for farmers and integrates information from various sources including satellite data. On this basis farmers can make informed decision about nutrient requirements for each land parcel. This will enable not only a more efficient nutrient use overall but can also have the positive knock-on effects of boosting water use efficiency and emissions reduction. If we can apply this tool on a majority of farms across Europe, it will be a major achievement and a game changer in farm management practices.”

By Eamonn Farrell

Agri Food Policy Executive

Tags: European Commission, Sustainable Water Management