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The Golden Jubilee Trust was established in the 1940’s by the Irish Co-operative Organisation Society Limited.  The Trust provides small scale grants to projects that are primarily of a co-operative character and that are judged to add economic or social or environmental value to the agricultural economy or to rural society in general.  The Trust is now accepting grant applications from individuals or entities with project proposals that meet the objects of the Trust.


The following are among the activities that the Trust Board will consider allocating grants:

  • Projects that promote and encourage the growth and development of the co-operative movement in rural Ireland
  • To promote research in the theory and practice of co-operatives and of agriculture in general
  • To make grants and otherwise assist co-operatives societies to undertake new branches of industry or trade advantageous to rural society


  • Its purpose must accord with the objects of the Trust and be approved by the Trustee’s
  • The Applicant must have an appropriate track record in the activity where grant aid is sought
  • The Applicant must be of sound financial standing and confirmation of this will be sought
  • Documentary evidence will be required by the Trust that expenditure incurred relates to the objects of the Trust


Applicants should familiarise themselves with the Trust on www.goldenjubileetrust.ie and prepare a project proposal to accompany the online applications form.

Grant applications will be accepted bi-annually with the next round of applications being received from the 3rd September 2018 to 28th September 2018.

For further information email the Trust at: info@goldenjubileetrust.ie