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The newly established Joint Committee on Climate Action began its public hearings on 5th September. The Chair of the Committee is Hildegarde Naughton, TD. The work of the committee will focus on the third report and recommendations by the Citizens Assembly entitled “How the State can make Ireland a Leader in tackling Climate Change”.

Of significance, 89% of the members of the Citizens Assembly recommended that there should be a tax on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture. There should be rewards for the farmer for land management that sequesters carbon. Any resulting revenue should be reinvested to support climate friendly agricultural practices.

A copy of the report by the Citizens Assembly can be viewed here: https://www.citizensassembly.ie/en/How-the-State-can-make-Ireland-a-leader-in-tackling-climate-change/Final-Report-on-how-the-State-can-make-Ireland-a-leader-in-tackling-climate-change/Climate-Change-Report-Final.pdf

Earlier this year, ICOS published a detailed report called “Positive steps towards a low carbon future for the Irish dairy sector.” The Report reviews the current situation for Irish dairy farmers and includes 11 recommendations in the area of agriculture and climate change.

By Eamonn Farrell

Agri Food Policy Executive