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The European Association of Agri-Food Co-operatives, Cogeca, together with the European Livestock Traders Association, AEMB, and other EU livestock food chain partners, have launched a new campaign to tackle the myths and misinformation around livestock production.

With topics such as animal welfare and the carbon footprint of livestock farming being pushed to the top of the political agenda in recent months, this initiative aims to bring balance back to the debate and challenge the growing narrative against livestock production by informing the public about its social and cultural value and contribution to meeting global development goals.

The campaign website www.meatthefacts.eu is full of factual responses to the “most asked questions” aimed at livestock production, intended to debunk prevailing myths. It uses scientific and academic publications to support its answers to questions on animal health and welfare in the EU, the importance of livestock for the environment and the contribution of livestock farming to rural communities. It is updated on a regular basis with new studies and reactions to key EU policy developments and NGO publications.

You can get involved in the campaign by highlighting what your farm and co-operative are doing on animal health and welfare, on the environment and in your local community, by tweeting using #MeatTheFacts

Alison Graham – European Affairs Executive