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Stores & Trade

ICOS helps facilitate a purchasing group comprising 18 co-ops with total purchases of in excess of €23m.

Co-op Source

The ‘Co-op Source’ branded product groupings have a compliment of seven product groupings under its brand these:

  • Crop packaging
  • Animal mineral supplements
  • Dairy detergents
  • Clothing
  • Grass seeds
  • Milking machine filter socks
  • Cow teat foam sanitiser

The purchasing group’s membership extends throughout the country.

Did You Know?

There are >200 agri-retail stores in operation in Ireland.

Formed in 1906, Templecrone Agricultural Co-operative Society is a retail co-op chain based in Co. Donegal with annual sales of €15m.

Our 'cousins' in the Plunkett Foundation have helped develop >250 community-based shops and co-operative pubs across the UK.