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Co-operatives across Ireland can be geared to provide many different services.

Co-operatives provide individuals with a means to come together to create economies of scale. Such co-operatives can help groups to provide shared services, strengthen their marketing potential, grow in economic scale and stability and improve efficiency.

Examples of different services co-operatives in operation in Ireland include: taxi co-ops, energy co-ops, broadband co-ops, taxation and  accounting, group water schemes, purchasing, marketing and producer, farm relief etc.

ICOS itself offers such services to our members. ICOS administers two industry-wide pension schemes: Dairy Executives’ Pension Scheme and Irish Co-operative Societies Pension Scheme.

To learn more about setting up a co-operative please go to Starting a Co-operative.

Did You Know?

Collectively forming a co-operative can help companies save costs, e.g. purchasing co-operative

There are over 350 group water scheme co-operatives in Ireland

Other examples of service co-operatives in Ireland include: taxi co-ops, energy co-ops and broadband co-ops