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Co-operatives are one of the most sustainable business models for new enterprise start-ups. Co-operatives provide over 100 million jobs around the world, 20% more than multinational enterprises.

The Irish Co-operative Organisation Society (ICOS) supports the creation and development of commercially viable co-operatives that are structured, and focused on the economic drivers promoted through co-operative principles.

ICOS is at the forefront of co-operative development in Ireland. We are the leading organisation for registering new co-operatives in Ireland.  We also:

  • Provide advice and guidance on co-operative start-ups and development
  • Promote co-operatives as a stronger sustainable economic business model
  • Lobby and promote best practice on behalf of the co-operative sector in Ireland
  • Encourage networking and cooperation amongst co-operatives to drive economic growth in the sector.

For further information about starting a co-op please consult the following two documents: