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Registering a co-op

ICOS was formed in 1894, one year after the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts of 1893 was signed into law.

The Registrar of Friendly Societies is responsible for registration new co-operatives in Ireland. Their website recognises the role of ICOS in formulating model rules for Irish cooperatives:


Their website states:

Registration of Industrial & Provident Society

In order to register an industrial and provident society, the grouping involved, which must consist of at least seven people, must draw up a set of rules governing the operation of the society.  The rules must as a minimum contain the matters required to be provided for by the second Schedule of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1893.  The rules, together with the prescribed application form and fee are submitted to the Registrar for examination and, once the rules are found to be in accordance with statute, the society is registered.

There are a number of representative groups for co-operatives with whom the Registrar has agreed forms of Model Rules which can be used in the registration of societies.  The Irish Co-operative Organisation Society Limited (ICOS) has agreed Model Rules ……. [and] …..   ICOS can also assist in the establishment and registration of a co-operative

For further information about starting a co-op please consult the following two documents: