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Start a co-op flow chart

The Irish Co-operative Organisation Society (ICOS) background and knowledge in the co-operative movement benefits those wishing to set up new co-operatives.

In fact we try to make setting up a co-operative as easy as ABC! ICOS lists the following steps to assist when accessing the viability and suitability of the proposed enterprise as a  co-operative.

  1. Approach

    Pull together a group of people (minimum of 7) to ascertain and define the common economic need.

  2. Business plan

    Draw-up a comprehensive business plan for the proposed co-operative enterprise.

  3. Commercially feasible

    On the basis of the business plan is the co-op commercially viable? Will it at least break even annually?

  4. Determination of commitment

    Determine the level of financial commitment from the group members of the co-op.

  5. Enlisting member support

    What is the proposed financial input by the individual members?

  6. File a request with ICOS

    Seek the assistance of ICOS to determine the suitability of the proposed enterprise as a co-operative.

For further information about starting a co-op please consult the following two documents: